Come As You Are


Pastor Stan Plooy-Lakeside Community Church of Hanford, CA


†† Stan was born and raised in Hanford, CA.† After† high school, he went to work for Vandersteen Audio.† In 1987, his life was unraveling and he needed a drastic change of lifestyle.† While going through a rough time in his life, he turned to Jesus and received Him as Lord and Savior.† He became very active in the Christian Reformed Church (the church he grew up in) in a variety of ways.† It was there that he met his wife, Jeany, and got married in 1991.† He and his wife Jeany have two children, Gregory and Ana.

†† After serving in the church a number of years, the Lord began stirring in his heart a desire to serve in ministry full time as the youth director.† In 1998, he took on that role until 2004.† In 2002, he began theological studies within the denomination with the purpose of becoming a church planter.† In 2006, he finished his educational requirements and shortly after, the Lord called him and his family to Sacramento to help co-lead a new church development called The Gathering.† In 2008, he received an ordination as a Ministry Associate (Evangelist) and served The Gathering Church for four years.† It was always Stanís passion to one day become a senior pastor of a congregation.† After years of prayer and preparation, the Lord answered his prayer and called him and family to serve and join Lakeside Community Church in October of 2011.

†† Along with his love for God, family and church, Stan enjoys sports in a variety of ways.† He loves to watch football, basketball and baseball.† He also enjoys playing golf and softball, when he has the chance and very rarely turns down an opportunity to go fishing and hiking.† Ever since that day, when he became a new creation in Christ, Stan has learned to appreciate every day and live to the fullest.



Lakeside Community Church-Hanford, CA